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Breaking Down Political Accountability: A Chat with Alastair Campbell from 'The Rest Is Politics'

In a recent episode of the LOAF Podcast, we sat down with Alastair Campbell, a British political strategist and media pundit best known for his role as Director of Communications and Strategy under former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The conversation with Campbell was rich with insights into the evolving role of media in politics, the state of political accountability, and the public's engagement with these themes.

Coverage Versus Scrutiny

Alastair Campbell keenly distinguished between media coverage and scrutiny. He stated, "Johnson got away with murder, is the truth. Johnson didn't have scrutiny; he had coverage." While figures like Boris Johnson may dominate headlines, the critical examination or "scrutiny" that is essential in democratic societies often falls by the wayside. Campbell is a firm believer that scrutiny is vital in the political landscape.

Holding Politicians Accountable: Where Is the Scrutiny?

According to Campbell, there has been a troubling lack of accountability in British politics. He mentions, "there's a lack of serious scrutiny on policy," specifically flagging issues like the COVID contracting corruption and developments concerning Teesside Freeport. These crucial matters, he argues, are not being adequately investigated by the media, leaving the public uninformed and politicians unaccountable.

The Politics of Public Engagement: More Than Just Holding Office

Campbell's viewpoint extends beyond traditional political roles, encompassing activists, media figures, and even podcasters like us. "Politics isn't just about being a politician. Campaigning is politics. Media can be politics. What you're doing is politics in a different sort of way; you're talking about politics," Campbell reminded us. His comment serves as an encouragement for anyone who feels disenchanted with the political sphere, highlighting that engagement is much more varied than simply running for office.

The Celebrity Quagmire in Politics

One of the most striking points Campbell made was about the "celebritization" of politics. He expressed his concerns about politicians like Matt Hancock entertaining the idea of appearing on shows like "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!" According to Campbell, "I find it horrific that Matt Hancock still talks about going on 'I'm a Celebrity' as a good thing." The move towards making politicians relatable has, in his view, gone too far, potentially trivializing the gravity of their roles.

Concluding Thoughts

Alastair Campbell's thoughts offer a compelling perspective on the complex interplay between media, accountability, and public engagement in politics. His remarks remind us that, whether you're an elected official, a media commentator, or an engaged citizen, your actions have political consequences.

The LOAF Podcast interview with Campbell can be found here.

To hear more from Alastair Campbell, be sure to check out his podcast, "The Rest Is Politics". As we all navigate the intricacies of modern governance and public discourse, it's crucial to stay informed, engaged, and critically thoughtful.


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