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No Need for Public Speaking Courses: Matthew Johnson Shares Wisdom from a Life on TV

Public speaking is often viewed as a skill that demands specialized courses or training. But according to Welsh TV presenter Matthew Johnson, the true art of effective communication might be a lot simpler than we think. Our recent LOAF Podcast interview with Johnson reveals his personal tips for gaining confidence and presence without enrolling in a single public speaking course.

Authenticity is Key

"The better and more aware I am of the person that I am, the better I've got at public speaking," Johnson shares. This wisdom cuts through the noise that often surrounds public speaking advice, returning us to the essence of effective communication: authenticity. Knowing yourself allows you to connect with your audience in a more meaningful way.

Preparation and Research

According to Johnson, "The research just get better at it." The emphasis here is not on formal courses but on personal preparation. Johnson believes that having a solid foundation of knowledge about your subject matter gives you the confidence you need to engage your audience effectively.

The Power of Presence

Johnson underscores the importance of being 'present' during public speaking. Many of the pitfalls we encounter in high-pressure speaking situations, he believes, stem from not being fully present. Whether it's a keynote speech or a casual conversation, staying in the moment is crucial for success.


Matthew Johnson's extensive experience in the realm of TV presenting offers a refreshing perspective on the art of public speaking. Rather than emphasizing formal training, he encourages authenticity, preparation, and presence. So, do you still think formal public speaking courses are essential? Or could embracing Johnson's approach revolutionize your speaking skills? Share your thoughts by tweeting us @theloafpodcast.

For more expert insights, don't miss the full LOAF Podcast Interview.


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