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SaffronOlive from MTGGoldfish: Discussing Magic, Lord of the Rings, and The One Ring

The world of Magic: The Gathering (MTG) is vast and ever-changing, capturing the hearts and minds of players since its inception in 1993. A recent episode of the LOAF podcast delved into the complexities and the fascinating appeal of the game with none other than Seth Waterman AKA SaffronOlive from MTGGoldfish, a leading voice in the MTG community. We focused on key topics such as the financial aspects of Magic, the Lord of the Rings crossover, and one recent extravagant purchase by Post Malone.

Financial Dynamics and The One Ring MTG

When asked about Post Malone's recent purchase of a Magic card for around two million dollars, SaffronOlive said, "Post Malone has actually been an amazing thing for Magic...I'm glad it ended up with them." Indeed, such high-profile buys go beyond just a financial transaction; they add layers of visibility and credibility to MTG as a whole.

"[For] The One Ring in specific it is very important to know [that] there's a version of [it] that costs fifty dollars…as far as I'm concerned, doing things like the ‘one of one’...and having it sell for millions of dollars, seems like good publicity for the game," SaffronOlive explained. His perspective suggests that the collectible aspects, while sometimes eye-wateringly expensive, can offer significant publicity and bring broader attention to the game.

Lord of The Rings Crossover

The MTG community has mixed feelings about the game's crossovers with other IPs like Lord of the Rings. "One of the downsides is it does take away from Magic's original flavor...having a random Lord of the Rings character show up in a game is a little bit weird and jarring," noted SaffronOlive. However, he also adds, "my hope is that even though there is a cost to these crossovers, maybe it'll actually be a good thing in the end just because it'll reach out to more people."

The Influence of Celebrity Players

Celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris and Seth Rogen have previously been associated with MTG, but Post Malone stands out. "Before Post Malone came around, I don't think celebrities had a meaningful impact on Magic...but Post Malone has changed the equation," commented SaffronOlive. His very public love for the game, coupled with his celebrity status, certainly moves the needle in the right direction for MTG.

Pop Culture References and Magic

SaffronOlive appreciates the humor with which MTG has been treated in pop culture, citing an episode of South Park that features the game. "The episode is absolutely hilarious, and a surprisingly good representation," he observed. Such mainstream media attention only adds to the game's allure, making it accessible and relatable to a broader audience.


Whether you're a seasoned player or a newbie interested in the world of Magic, the LOAF Podcast's insightful conversation with SaffronOlive (main content creator at MTGGoldfish) illuminates various aspects that make the game so captivating. From the collectible nature of cards like The One Ring to the mainstream attention garnered through crossovers and celebrity purchases, MTG continues to evolve and enchant.

For those new to the world of MTG, SaffronOlive recommends checking out MTG Arena, which is an excellent place for beginners to get acquainted with the game. As he puts it, "If you're interested, I would recommend giving it a try because it is a really good game."

So whether it's the influence of Lord of the Rings, the financial marvel of the game or the celebrity allure brought in by Post Malone, MTG remains a rich and multi-dimensional realm worth exploring.

If you're keen to delve deeper into Waterman’s insights, check out our YouTube interview with him.


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