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Unseen Poetry in the Age of Social Media: Exploring New Dimensions

Explore the challenges and opportunities unseen poetry faces in today's digital age. Dive into our in-depth conversation with Nikita Gill, as she discusses the impact of social media algorithms, the pressure to conform to virality, and the future of poetry in a tech-driven world.

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The Digital Shift in Poetry Consumption

In a time where social media governs much of our daily consumption, the nature of how we interact with art, especially poetry, has seen a significant transformation. Nikita Gill, known for her powerful verses and substantial online presence, delves deep into the contrasts and challenges this digital age presents for poets and their craft.

The Double-Edged Sword of Social Media Algorithms

Gill reflects on the early days of Tumblr, a platform that provided a much simpler and democratic approach for artists. Without the heavy influence of today's intricate algorithms, content was presented chronologically, ensuring a fair opportunity for every artist's work to be seen. However, as platforms have evolved, so too have their systems of content prioritization, often favouring outrage content over nuanced and profound pieces, like poetry. As Gill puts it, "Poetry isn't about outrage. It's about the truth."

The Pressure to Conform to Virality

The current state of social media platforms, where rapid engagement determines the visibility of content, often pressures artists to produce what is more 'shareable' rather than what truly resonates with them. "You take five minutes to write a thought, a scribble, and that goes viral. But the piece you took months to write? That doesn't do as well," Gill notes. This instant gratification model can be disheartening for artists, leading them to question the value of their more thoughtful, long-form creations.

Redefining Authenticity and Business in Art

The dichotomy between personal expression and the business side of artistry is another tightrope that artists like Gill walk in the age of social media. Platforms demand authenticity, yet the underlying need to satisfy algorithmic requirements often blurs the lines between genuine expression and strategic content creation.

Navigating the Future of Poetry in a Digital World

While the digital landscape poses numerous challenges, Gill remains optimistic about the future of poetry and art. She emphasizes the importance of artists supporting one another and creating tight-knit communities. The digital space, despite its challenges, also offers unprecedented access to global audiences and can be a powerful tool if navigated wisely.

To dive deeper into this conversation and explore more about how unseen poetry is evolving in the age of social media, check out the full interview.

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