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Writer's Block Rehab: Unlocking Creative Barriers with Nikita Gill

If you're reading this, you're probably acquainted with the struggle that is writer's block. Recently, The LOAF Podcast, an initiative by Oxford University students, had the privilege of interviewing Nikita Gill, a prolific poet and writer with over 700,000 followers.

The Individuality of Writer's Block

According to Gill, writer's block isn't a universal experience; it varies significantly from one writer to another and from one project to the next. She herself has been contending with writer's block due to two very different reasons: the enormity of following a well-regarded predecessor and the complexities of writing a sequel. Gill reminds herself and other writers, emphasizing the need to trust in one's unique voice.

The Power of a Morning Routine

Nikita Gill advocates for a strong morning routine to combat the stasis induced by writer's block. She suggests starting with what she calls morning pages, essentially a free-writing exercise meant to declutter your mind and make room for creative thought. Gill asserts, "You have to get out a lot of bad writing to get to the good writing."

Finding Your Unique Structure

For those who might think that a lack of structure could free you from creative blockages, Gill offers a counterpoint. She underlines the importance of having a disciplined approach to your craft.

Navigating Writer's Block with Creative Freedom

The fears and expectations we place upon ourselves often serve as the chains that bind our creativity. In an environment that can sometimes be overly structured, like the corporate world Gill transitioned from, it can be liberating yet disorienting to be given so much creative freedom.

The Key Takeaway

"The only way is through it," Gill succinctly puts it. If you're feeling stuck, consider diving into your own morning routine, finding your structure, or reminding yourself why you started writing in the first place.

For more in-depth insights and to hear Nikita Gill speak about these strategies herself, don't miss herfull interview on The LOAF Podcast.


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